Roof Repair or Replacement? Reasons Why You Need a Replacement

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a properly installed roof over your house. Adding to the protection, ease, and safety of your home, the roof can make it or break it for your living experience. An expert roof repair contractors can guide you about the available options.

When planning for home renovation, many homeowners believe that their roof is the last thing to pay attention to. However, the opposite is true. Compared to any other exterior part of your house, your roof takes a beating from all types of extremes weather. So, getting a roof repair or replacement at the right time is crucial to avoid paying hefty roof repair bills later.

If you are unsure if you need a roof replacement or roof repair, our roofing contractor can help you figure out your options.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Roof Replacement 

1.  Storm damage

Storm damages, a common reason to get a new roof, can be extremely severe. Your home roof can acquire significant damage from a storm in a variety of ways. Maybe the shingles blow off or break due to high winds, or a tree branch falls onto the roof, causing a disaster. That is when getting an entirely new roof installed might be your only option.

2. Shingles wear; curling or buckling

Even the best of the shingles can wear out with age. And while a curling or buckling shingle might look like a minor issue, ignoring it can have serious consequences. When your roof shingles begin to wear out, you will notice holes and leaks. This could be caused by the sheathing under the wetting and wrinkling or simply because the installer did not do a good job. Regardless, you will want to get it replaced before the leaks cause secondary problems.

3. Chimney flashing problems

Chimney flashing helps to protect your roof by creating a waterproof seal around where the chimney meets the roof. But, when done unprofessionally or used older flashing systems, the flashing bends or rusts, accruing damage to your roof, that is usually discovered quite late. Yet again, a new roofing system will fix this problem.

4. Damaged roof valleys

If your roof is dripping and there’s no evidence of curling or buckling shingles, chances are, your roof valleys are the culprit. As an essential part of your ceiling, roof valleys are built to direct the seasonal rain and snow into the gutter system. But when these channels corrode or get blocked by leaves, rainwater seems to overflow and leak onto your roof. Likewise, there could be missing or broken shingles around the valley weavings that could leave your roof exposed to leaks. Consult a reliable roof repair contractors and see if your roof can be repaired.

5. Daylight coming through the boards

Your attic will give you a clear idea of how your roof looks from inside the house. Take advantage of the daylight to determine whether the roof is in good shape or not. In case you can clearly see daylight coming through the roof, it is not good news. Odds are your roof is past its prime. Also, look around for moisture in the attic. It could indicate potential damage by holes or cracks not nearly as visible.

6. Boosting the home resale value

A new roof has its benefits, even when you are planning to sell the house. Installing new roofing is a powerful strategy to boost the resale value of your house. Not just that, a new roofing system alongside siding and window replacement or a new exterior paint does wonders for the curb appeal. Moreover, besides the visual impact, a new roof gives a sense of good maintenance. So, homebuyers tend to find potential financial security in a newly roofed house.

7. Home remodeling or addition

Maybe you are planning a complete remodel of your house? Or perhaps only adding a building? Whatever the project, there will be changes to your roofline. Therefore, getting a new roof installed amidst these projects can help you in the long run. Not only will this avoid a strange mix of old and new roofing, but it will also give you peace of mind for a long time.

8. Save money with new roofing technology

Another reason to equip your house with a new roof is to take advantage of modern roofing technology. Compared to the expensive solar panels, newer shingle roofs are designed with an Energy Star rating that reduces your otherwise air conditioning costs. Though a new roof might be costly, these technologies are worth the investment and will save you money in the long run.

9. Bring life to the roof

One reason to get a new roof is to bring life to it literally. A “green roof” is what we are talking about. Green roofs are the latest house trend with many benefits, from adding charm to your house to helping the environment save a great deal of energy. During the hot summer months, green roofs keep homes cool by absorbing the sunlight, so saving on cooling costs is the added benefit.

10. Change the appearance of your house

As mentioned earlier, your roof plays an integral part in the aesthetics of your house. Different materials, styles, or even colors of the roof can improve the outlook of your place. So, you can have a roof replacement to give your house a new look.

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To sum up

Deciding whether your home deserves a simple roof repair, or a complete replacement can be challenging. Getting a new roof is never fun and games. However, in many circumstances, it is a necessity. But before you make a decision, we recommend contacting the Tricore roof repair contractors for a professional opinion.

September 14, 2021