Hire the Right Paving Contractor for Your Driveway


Let’s face it – hiring the right paving contractor for your driveway can be overwhelming. Thanks to nearly 35,199 paving contractor choices available in New York alone. It goes without saying: a new driveway or repair project is a substantial investment for homeowners. And a great strategy to add value to their property. But, when done right. The key is to choose the best paving contractor. A contractor that best fits your situation and budget to get the best value possible for your investment. So, before you hire a paving or masonry contractor, learn how to make the right decision. Here we have a few tips that will help you do that.

Tips on Choosing the Right Paving Contractor

When hiring a contractor for driveway paving, there are certain things to consider. Let’s take a look

Tip #1: Consider multiple Contractors

If you hire the first paving contractor you stumble upon; you are making a mistake. Though your excitement is understandable, it is vital to make a smart choice. For this reason, consider multiple options to choose from. Even if your neighbor has a favorite or there is a local contractor near your place. The more choices, the better. Get quotes from each contractor. Then compare their prices, warranty, and projects. For convenience, rank them based on their professionalism, initial estimates, and the first interaction.

Tip # 2: Look for professional equipment and quality driveway pavers

It’s obvious you want your investment to last and give the best results. For that, your contractor must invest in professional equipment and high-quality materials. Without this, your project can be a disappointment. Check if the company has used state-of-the-art equipment in their previous projects. Using traditional tools to build a driveway can not only risk safety but also cause a delay in your schedule. Moreover, uncover what type of materials they have been using. This will tell you much about the professionalism of a company and determine the quality of its work.

Tip # 3: Research about paving company’s reputation

There is something about word of mouth. While it benefits businesses with their advertisement, customers can also take advantage to do their research. Once you have some options in mind, dig into their reputation. Check their websites for reviews and ratings. In addition, ask around the neighborhood, friends, or family to get a profile of their reputation.

Tip # 4: Watch out for the red flags

Too good to be true? They probably are. With so many paving businesses in the market, you will come across all types. Professionals, non-professionals, and scammers. So, it would be best if you were vigilant. When interviewing a driveway paving contractor, watch out for red flags. For example

Advance payment – Reliable, professional paving contractors will never ask for too much money up-front. A contractor that asks for too much advance payment will either leave the project undone or not do the job as per customer requirements.

Unresponsive customer service – Slow response or unanswered calls are a major red flag. Companies that do not take their customers seriously before hiring will do the same after

Tip # 5: Insist on a written contract

A written contract is a safety practice when it comes to hiring any business. Fraudulent paving companies can fool you into overcharging or dishonest services. Therefore, before signing any
papers or paying any amount, request for a written contract. Read the contract carefully, and make sure it covers everything, including:

  • Warranty coverage
  • Total cost with taxes
  • Terms and conditions applied
  • Payment method
  • All details of the project


Tip # 6: Ask questions – lots of them

Never hesitate to ask questions to your contractor. Even if you have a hundred questions, ask away. You are investing your time, effort, and hard-earned money, so you want to be satisfied. Doing so will also give you an idea about their proficiency. A reputable contractor will be more than happy to answer all your questions and queries to build a relationship of trust.
If you are unsure what to ask your contractor, we are here to help you.

Essential Questions to ask before hiring a paving contractor


1. Are you licensed and insured?

The paving contractor you hire must be licensed for work in your state. Additionally, they should be insured to protect their team as well as the customer. So, it is best to ask if the contractor is licensed and insured. More importantly, ask to see copies of the official paperwork to be sure.

2. How many years of experience do you have?

Driveway paving is a complicated task, and not everyone can handle it right. Before you choose a company to build your driveway, inquire about their experience. How long have they been in the paving business? Because companies with experience of 1 or 2 years may not be an ideal choice. Are they new to the industry? Because you don’t want to invest in a fly-by-night company that will leave town in the middle of the project.

3. How long will my project take?

Get an estimated timeline for your driveway project. How long the company will take to complete the job will affect your routine. Moreover, ask about their strategy to handle any delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

4. Are there any additional charges?

If you don’t want to be surprised by the final bill, do not forget to ask this question. Make sure there are no hidden costs, besides – of course, any last-minute changes you make.

5. How can I contact you?

During or after your paving project, you might need to contact your contractor. For this reason, inquire about a few methods of contact with the contractor. Ask if they prefer email, phone call, website or there is any particular person to contact.

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September 22, 2021