Using Flagstone Pavers for Your Patio

Flagstone patios are increasing in popularity more than ever. When asked about the perfect landscape option, patio designers and masonry contractors recommend a flagstone patio. And if you are wondering why, well, it’s not difficult to understand. 

Flagstone is a natural and beautiful stone with amazing benefits. The versatile material works well for all kinds of hardscape projects. But the lovely profile of a flagstone best fits a patio. 

The organic, earthy look of a flagstone patio complements the natural landscape. But besides that, flagstones are also durable and slip-resistant. All this is because the narrowly packed joints seep and drain water from these stones instead of running over the surface. 

That’s not all. The sedimentary stone has a long list of advantages. And of course, some disadvantages. So, let’s take a look at some convincing pros and cons of using flagstones for your patio. 

The Pros of Using Flagstone

  • Versatile material

As previously mentioned, the versatility of the flagstone is exceptional. When it comes to the types of flagstone, your choices are not limited. The sedimentary flagstone rocks may be limestone, slate, or sandstone. And depending on the composition, you can use the stone to create paths, walls, seating areas, and patios. 

Not only that but there are a variety of methods to install flagstone patios. For a more refined look, you can lay down the stones over a concrete slab. After which, the joints can be mortared to provide an excellent solid surface.  

On the flip side, if you want some greenery, ask your masonry contractor to lay single stones leaving room for plants to grow in-between. Not to mention, they are acid-resistant, which means you can add them straight on top of the soil.


  • Practical and safer 

A significant benefit of flagstone is its slip-resistant property. Thus a good choice for poolside walkways. Compared to the standard paving materials, flagstone has a rough and grippy surface. This natural texture of each slab of the stone provides maximum traction when wet. So, you don’t have to worry about the kids running around on a rainy day. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing

Flagstone is superior in terms of color choices. Quarried from a variety of places, the natural stone has beautiful color gradations.  And all the natural hues of a flagstone are true beauty. 

From the earthy shades of browns, classic grays, warm reds, and cool blues, handpick your colors. Then mix and match them to complement the scenery around your patio. Or go with a custom look by color coordinating with your exterior or furniture. Either way, flagstones create stunning-looking patios. 

There’s more. Flagstone pavers are carved in different shapes and sizes that create unique designs. You can pave these stones in a repeating pattern for a more formal look. While irregular flagstones put in random fashion speak a crazy accent. 


  • Durable and long-lasting

If you want to worry less and enjoy more time on your patio, Flagstone is the way to go. Since the material is a hard, natural stone, it thrives in all climates – especially in harsh conditions. Resisting heat, moisture, and even heavy traffic use, the stone will neither chip nor begin to fade. For all these reasons, flagstones patios last longer than ever. 


  • Low maintenance

There is also the added benefit of little to no maintenance for flagstones. The durability translates to no wear and tear that ultimately calls for no maintenance. All you need to do is sweep over the stones with a broom or leaf blower every now and then. Plus, give them a bi-annual deep clean power wash, and your patio will shine like new. 


  • Easy installation

Flagstones are relatively easy to install. The natural edges of the stone fit into every nook and cranny, so there is no worry about equal spacing and perfect matches. Just go stone by stone putting them together to create a rustic look. Here are a few simple steps to lay flagstones

  • First of all, layout all the stones at one spot
  • Take one stone at a time, rearrange and map out a pattern
  • When satisfied, snap a picture 
  • Now scrape off several inches of the topsoil and add 2-3 inches of sand
  • Arrange the stones again on the sand in a similar pattern as the picture
  • Fix each stone at a certain level by adding or removing sand
  • Lastly, put some pebbles, sand, or grass in between the joints


The Cons of Using Flagstone 

Like any other paving material, flagstones also have a few drawbacks. However, what’s important is that the pros outweigh the cons. Below we have listed minimal disadvantages you can face while using flagstones

  • However tough, flagstones cannot entirely stand up to temperature differences. The stones become very hot in extreme summers and cold in the winters. 
  • Although easy to install, DIY flagstone projects can be time-consuming and strenuous. Piecing the stones together to create a pleasing look will take much of your time. And since the stones are heavy, lifting them one by one is backbreaking. 
  • When installed over a bed of sand, flagstones move quite a bit. This is because the sand beneath the stones is not stable and keeps releveling as the temperature rises or after rain. 

Looking at the big picture, the disadvantages of flagstones are almost negligible. Nevertheless, with professional flagstone installation, you can avoid these inconveniences. A seasoned mason will professionally install your flagstones to last longer. 

Professional installers use support bases or dirt for sitting the stones well into the ground. So, it makes sense to hire professional help for your patio. 

Let TriCore Construction help

TriCore Construction is a professional masonry contractor around Valley Stream, NY. Installing flagstone walkways and patios that go beyond expectations is our forte. We use modern tools and durable stones to turn our client’s dream patio into a reality. 

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September 29, 2021