Custom Bathroom Renovations Tips Nassau NY, Queens NY

Creating your perfect bathroom may seem like a daunting task, but with the right professional help and advice,  your custom bathroom renovations can be easily achieved.

Have you ever dreamed of coming home a bathroom that was luxurious clean and elegant?

Have you ever dreamed of filling up the bath with bubbles and reading a good book drowning out the stress and worries of the day?

You can have your perfect custom bathroom renovation even with a small budget read further to get an insight into the bathroom renovation process to help you get thinking about creating your dream bathroom

Custom Bathroom Renovations Process


Bathroom Renovations Design Process

  1. Do some research on the style of bathroom you would like, do you want a bath? If so would you like it to be freestanding? Or do you want a fully framed shower screen or does a frame-less shower screen appeal to you more?
  2. Grab some pictures from Pinterest, website, google, and design magazines

Bathroom Renovations Budget Planning

  1. From these design elements then you can get a rough idea of how much accessories such as mixers or taps and showerheads will cost
  2. Make a spreadsheet and do an honest budget on what you can afford to spend on the renovation and be strict on sticking with it

Bathroom Remodelers

  1. Do your research on finding reputable tradesmen, you want to look for people that have the right credentials and insurances
  2. Do not be scammed into finding the cheapest tradesperson as they probably will not offer any warranties
  3. Check if your tradesman has a portfolio of bathrooms they have previously completed
  4. Go on your gut instinct, does this tradesman make you feel confident that they will achieve your custom bathroom renovation? Are they answering your questions and concerns in a timely manner?


Have fun in the process and watch your custom bathroom renovation come to life. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to quote for your renovation.

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April 25, 2021